How to Control Your Diabetes – Tips For Managing Diabetes

According to Wikipedia, “Diabetes mellitus, often simply referred to as diabetes – is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. This high blood sugar produces the classical symptoms of polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger).”

Over 24 million people suffer from diabetes. Every minute of the day another person becomes diabetic. Over 40 million people have pre-diabetes. Thousands of people die from diabetes related complications each year.

There are factors that decide whether or not your body is a willing candidate for diabetes. 
*Not getting proper amount of exercise 
*High cholesterol 
*Over the age of 45 
*Gestational diabetes or having a baby weighing over 9 pounds, and a high blood glucose during pregnancy. 
*Races are African Americans, Asians, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans

Included are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Both can create other medical complications such as blindness, neuropathy, heart diseases, kidney failure, strokes, and amputation of limbs.

The symptoms of Type 1 diabetes are: fatigue, hunger, frequent urination, blurry vision, excessive thirst and sometimes weight loss. The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes are fatigue, increased appetite, increased thirst, frequent urination and blurred vision. Some may never experience symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, because Type 2 diabetes develops slowly.

There is no cure for diabetes. Treatment involves medicines, diets and exercise to control the blood sugar and prevent symptoms. If complications begin, then controlling the illness becomes more difficult.

Diabetes can be controlled and treated or prevented by: 
*Blood pressure and cholesterol control 
*Education about diabetes 
*Foot care 
*Meal planning and weight control 
*Medication or insulin use 
*Careful self testing of blood glucose levels

Diabetes changes the life of the diabetic, and their families mentally and physically. The mental challenge begins, because it becomes imperative for a diabetic to find the time to make proper meal plans, exercise, take medications and keep their doctors appointments. The physical challenge is just as important, because they must exercise to help control their weight.

For some, denial of the disease can set in. Also, the provisions that must be made to keep this disease under control can become difficult, which can cause depression to occur. Understanding which diabetes you have before or during it’s beginning stages and controlling it during it’s beginning stages will help the diabetic to live a longer more productive life.

Having a family to get involved, can make the transition easier for a diabetic. Exercising with a friend, dieting with a friend, or even having a friend to go to appointments can help to ease the challenge.

According to Wikipedia, “All forms of diabetes have been treatable since insulin became available in 1921, and type 2 diabetes may be controlled with medications.”

Wikipedia also said that as of 2000 at least 171 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, or 2.8% of the population.

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